Monday, November 1, 2010

Determine how many pieces to put in a box - Formulas In Excel - Microsoft Excel Tutorials

30.  Determine how many pieces to put in a box

Let’s say a container can hold 10 boxes and each box can hold up to 300 items. The customer requires a total of 500 items. How many items must be packed in each box, given a number of boxes?

To determine the number of pieces in each box:

1. Select cell A2 and enter 10.
2. Select cell B2 and enter 50.
3. Select cell D2 and type =B2*A2.
4. In cells A4:A7 enter the number of boxes from 2 to 9.
5. Select cells B4:B7 and type the following formula: =$B$2*($A$2/A4).
6. Press <-Ctrl+Enter->.
7. Select cells D4:D7 and type the formula =B4*A4.
8. Press <-Ctrl+Enter->.

Note: Some entries in column A may result in a number with a decimal point in column B. These will require
additional calculation on your part to determine exactly how many pieces fit in the given number of boxes so that the customer receives exactly 500 pieces.

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